Aviation Photo of the Day: Sea Bee!

Courtesy of the aptly named “Reasonably Competent Photographer” comes this beautiful photograph of an RC-3 Sea Bee tethered to the beach at the Last Big Splash event in Polk City, FL.

You all know my feelings on the Sea Bee. It may be funny looking and clumsy, but it is a beautiful airplane in spite of that. It represents the fun, the freedom, and the joy of flying a light aircraft low and slow. It encapsulates the notion that the journey should be as interesting as the destination. It provides that sense of freedom and independence that can only come from a seaplane.

Contribute your Sea Bee photos to my pool on Flickr!

If you’d like to submit a photo to use as Aviation Photo of the Day, let me know!


About B.D.

I'm a private pilot and aviation enthusiast. I took my first flight in 1998, took a decade off, and earned my pilot certificate in October 2010. Join me here as I ramble on about airplanes, gliders, helicopters, and other things with wings.
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